Keep the Gospel

Does your church "call the question" from time to time? People think they need to go off to a rally or something to meet Jesus and start a new life with him. But a living, thriving church sets the expectation that every Sunday is a salvation Sunday. You can meet Jesus right here.

The "gospel" is the good news of what God has done already to make a new life possible for you. There are four basic points. 

  1. God loves you and made you for a joyful relationship with himself. 
  2. We all have a tendency to rebel against God and make mistakes, and that is what breaks our relationship with God--our sin distancing us from the holiness of God.
  3. God sent Jesus his son to live a perfect and holy life in front of us, then pay the penalty of death that we owed so the relationship with God could be restored. Jesus rose from the dead and opened eternal life.
  4. Putting your trust in Jesus Christ renews your relationship with God and starts you on a path of eternal life with him and with other Christians beginning right now.

Whenever a church loses just one of those four simple points, the message gets diluted, confused, or lost entirely. Is your church struggling to survive? Take a look to see if this message is being shared or if some of it has been left behind for another idea.

It is a simple message, but profound. It must be guarded and defended. It must be proclaimed regularly.

Paul said, "To write the same things to you is no trouble to me and is safe for you." (Philippians 3:1) Peter said, "So I will always remind you of these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth you now have." (2 Peter 1:12) The church that gets tired of the gospel bankrupts its future.