Rescue Society


Texas is still suffering the effects of Hurricane Harvey. As we mourn loss and reach out to help the displaced and frightened, stories are emerging of rescue. It's inspiring not only to see the professional rescue operations, but the neighbors gassing up their fishing boats and jumping in to be a part. A true rescue operation takes all hands. 

The church is a rescue operation.

One local businessman, Jim McIngvale, opened up all of his “Mattress Mack” store locations as shelters! Imagine a mattress and furniture store suddenly filled with displaced families. Kids, pets, and all. Jim said he was prepared. He has done the same thing during past natural disasters. In fact, his stores are built on high concrete pads to protect them from flooding. Mattress Mack was ready to be a safe, dry place to wait out the storm.

Is your church a place like that? 

A good leader will rally any organization to its mission. A good leader inspires passion and urgency, movement and growing commitment to the cause. A good pastor also recognizes that no matter how fast church moves, it must always be a shelter--a safe place to escape the storm.

Jesus said, "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost." (Luke 19:10)