Hey, Thanks Pastor


It was Pastor Appreciation Day on Sunday. Some friends pointed it out and said Thank You. I appreciate that, and am so grateful for the many ways my church takes care of us pastors. We are honored, our families are cared for and we have what we need to be released into ministry. One of our pastors is on sabbatical right now to recharge. Pastor can be a challenging and stressful role to play. I’m grateful for anyone who stops to offer an encouraging word.

Most pastors I know are overworked, underpaid and work under a steady stream of unsatisfiable expectations. As a profession (not a job) pastoring is a 24/7 weight of responsibility calling on pastors to offer their best off hours and on weekends.

As I have spoken with leaders over the last few years about setting the culture of their churches surrounding my book Happy Church, the health of the pastor is paramount. Miserable pastors don’t lead joyful churches. Often pastors don’t know how to open conversations about what they need as far as pay and benefits, vacation or leave time. It is important for lay leaders to open those doors.

So, if you have a pastor in your life, be sure to stop and say Thank You. Pastors don’t enter this profession for money or fame. It is a calling to serve the Lord, and the sacrifices are worth it. But if you can pass on some encouragement to a pastor this week, go for it!

Here are some comments pastors love to hear:

“I’m praying for you and your family”

“I shared your message with a friend”

“Your message made me do _____ differently this week.”

“I’m so grateful for how Christ is using you to touch my life.”

I’m grateful for the pastors who have shaped my life and demonstrated Christ’s love to me. I hope you are too!

'Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.' Hebrews 13:7