Worship Is Good for You


Later this month I'm speaking at the One Voice Mission Word and Worship Conference. As soon as I heard their vision, to "Raise up worshipers of Jesus Christ around the World," it was an easy yes to jump in and support. Worship is good for you.

There are a lot of articles out there about the benefits of regular social activity or group singing, but that's not really what I'm talking about. Worship is good for your soul. Your soul was made to give glory to God.

When God is glorified, lives are transformed. Priorities align properly. Your heart loves what's good instead of sitting infatuated with what's interesting. And worship becomes a demonstration of God’s goodness to the world—when lives are transformed, God is glorified. Changed hearts cause good change in the world. A worshipping body of people moves out to make the world more beautiful, just and true, because of the glimpse of the holy they experience in corporate worship. Worship is 1,000 cures.

Worship starves pride and nourishes humility.  When you actually go, you swallow your pride and submit.

Worship starves lust and nourishes creativity. In our sin, we fall into patterns of consumption—consuming everything around us. We even consume other people as objects of lust. But worship reveals something of the beauty of God and His creation. Our souls are elevated to see beauty as God created it all around us. We look at others not as objects to be consumed for our pleasure but as fellow beautiful creatures made to be creative--not consuming and acquisitive.  

Worship starves greed and nourishes generosity. What do you love more than God? Money? God made and gave all things. God sent and gave His own Son Jesus Christ. God adopts you into His family and called you a child and an heir—your inheritance is stored up in heaven for all eternity. Do you want to trade that for a flush 401k? Please!

Worship remembers. Worship remembers us to God our Father as His precious children. In worship your soul remembers its home.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones said, “It is not a mere gathering of people; Christ is present. This is the great mystery of the Church. There is something in the very atmosphere of Christian people meeting together to worship God and to listen to the preaching of the Gospel.” There is something about worship.

Your soul needs worship. It's good for you. But be careful what you worship. You start to become what you worship. You begin to grow toward what you love the most. God alone is worthy.

'Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.' -Psalms 29:2