A Dry Safe Spot


When flood waters rise a number of wonderful national agencies come in to bring relief. the best of them know to work with the local churches. 

Here are five reasons the local congregation is the power point for disaster relief: 

1. It’s where people know people. Often outside relief agencies have a very hard time communicating with the local community and getting real needs expressed. Church is where people are known and their real needs are understood. 

2. Church lasts longer. While these national agencies can intervene for a few months, the church will be there years after they have gone.

3. Needs can be met in various ways. Outside agencies can drop money on a problem, but churches know their people well enough to recognize when money is not the only or best solution.

4. Relationships develop in community. When local congregations get involved in relief efforts, friendships are built, loneliness is dispelled and hope for lifelong change emerges.

5. Spiritual hope in Christ. Your church can offer something no outside agency can—a chance to know God personally through Jesus Christ. Other agencies have many things to offer, but only the church is charged by God with the proclamation of the Gospel. This is a place to find hope that lasts in a loving relationship with God.

When disaster strikes, get generous, find ways to help and don’t forget to support the local church. It may just be the best hope for longterm recovery.